Honest and simple pricing is important to us, and we figure it’s important to you, too. Our initial service fee is $47.99 (includes trip charge and diagnostic fee). If you choose us for your repairs, this fee will be

From there, our technicians are equipped with an industry-standard pricing guide used to calculate appliance repair prices. Repairs are priced by the job, not by the hour — so you’re never on the hook when repairs take longer than expected.

We’ll make sure you receive a detailed estimate before we proceed with repairs. Never any surprises or hidden costs.

We do not charge an additional fee for evening or weekend service.

Special Cases

Parking: We cover parking fees up to $10. Please let us know if parking is an issue in your area.

Commercial Service: our service fee for commercial locations is $59.99.

Remote Locations: For service calls outside of our standard service area, we may apply an additional fee between $10 – $30 in addition to the initial service fee. This compensates for the extra gas and time required for our technician to drive to your location.

You will be notified in advance if any of these special cases apply to your service call.

If you have any questions or clarifications about our pricing policies, please do not hesitate to call us at (650) 238-9050 or e-mail us.